Confidence, Leadership and Trust... Part 3

I talk about servant leadership all the time.  If you aren’t sure what this term means, read this story again.  This is a classic example of confidence, leadership and trust!  The confidence of leadership to the point they were not threatened by the greatness of others around them.  Leadership obviously being shown by our power couple, but also by this young lady.  She is a student of the industry and is learning how to lead from the middle. If you don’t think this is a big deal, think about how many times you have seen leadership call on people to give a testimonial, or introduce someone and they simply don’t want to. They say why don’t you ask __________, or they may say no, no thank you.  Sometimes these are the people who have the most criticism of others who are willing to take the risk, who are focused on behaviors designed to grow their businesses. But these folks can sometimes be heard in the ‘Peanut Gallery’ conversations that go on during gatherings and events. When they are given the chance to lead, they shrink. When the Chicago Bulls had a young Michael Jordan and he was doing everything for his team they were good but not great.  His coach told him the only way for us to achieve greatness as a team is, you must begin to trust your shooters. Once he did the Bulls began winning championships!  So, the trust displayed by the leadership in this story is very reminiscent of the Chicago Bulls rise to glory and success.  A person can be successful on their own. But for a team or organization (like yours) to reach the highest levels of achievement, leadership must develop trust in the individuals in the organization.  The organization must also trust the leaders to make sound decisions.

I believe this organization that continues to grow and prosper, is taking advantage of its willingness to have confidence, believe in leadership and show trust from its newest distributors to its top levels. No matter where you are in your networking career, decide to be a positive impactful force the way this young lady did. In my trainings, I often refer to the movie ‘Achilles’, starring Brad Pitt. This is one of my all-time favorite movies. There is one line in this movie that speaks to the spirit of our industries success model. Achilles shared that ‘Fortune favors the bold’. It takes boldness to believe in yourself and those around you while having the confidence to lead and trust. As always, I look forward to hearing your story of boldly going out and creating success that has a positive long lasting impact on yourself and others.

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