Facing Your Fear(s) Part II

Let’s go back to that 90% going right for you. If you’re going to stay around to achieve the success you came in looking for, then its the 10% that you didn’t master, that’s where you put your focus and attention. Believe it or not, there are people who have that 90 / 10 positive breakdown, who leave the industry because they can’t deal with the 10% they haven’t mastered.  Chalk it up to a competitive spirit, aggressive behavior, not wanting to ever fail and the big one is not having anyone else ever see you fail. That’s right, there are people who leave the industry because other people now know, they’re not perfect. It’s tough for them to allow anyone to see their flaws.

This is one of the reasons why personal development (‘PD’) is so huge in our industry. It’s a fact that networkers read more, look at and listen to more personal development than any other group on the planet. So the future leaders who stick and stay have a willingness to grow past the challenges this industry presents, every single day you actively participate. It’s also important to say that sticking and staying is only for those who choose to be active. This story and my focus isn’t on the people who enroll to do someone a favor. I’m not focusing on the people who enroll, then get disheartened and decide I’ll just buy a few things every month and see how it goes for other people. If I see the people I know doing well then, I’ll get back in. I can’t emphasize this enough, that is not ‘Sticking and staying’.  Again, this is what we call laying in the safety net so that you, and those folks you know, never see you challenged or pushed. The real players will ‘Stick and stay’ until they get their pay (and then help others do the same)!    

Fear of flying number three: Deciding to help others.  Yes, I know many of you are saying what the…..? This shouldn’t be hard but it is because of the society we live in.  I get it, and I’m with you, this shouldn’t be hard. Caring and focusing on the betterment of someone else should be natural. In today’s world, assisting others, giving back, sacrifice and sharing the wealth are not discussed much, and these ‘Boring’ topics don’t make news.  The fact that these topics are not discussed, glamorized, spoken of, emphasized or popular, is the reason why the leaders who consciously decide to practice these behaviors are creating Legacy’s!  The Legacy’s they create are not just for themselves, but for others and the betterment of the industry. So, I leave you with a question about your future and your Legacy. As you read this story did certain people situations and past opportunities to excel in decision-making about staying and creating success for others, come to your mind? As you read this story, did you reflect on when you got enrolled and that day, no that moment, (take a long pause here) when you thought about quitting but something inside of you said I’m going to do this? As you read this story have you thought about all the successes you’ve had, and the opportunities to make somebody else’s life better? If any of these questions and more came to mind, I really hope you remembered the positive decisions you’ve made to make changes in the industry, someone else, your organization and it all originated with the impact that change has had on you.

Fear of flying is real don’t run from it, embrace it taking place in you, it is a natural growth step. You must enroll, to overcome the fear of getting started. You must decide to stick and stay, to have an anniversary. Remember when you mentor someone or just give advice, encourage that person to have an anniversary.  Talk openly about them being here a year from their enrollment date, so you really give your business a fighting chance.

Decide to be a part of someone else’s success story, to be considered an impact player.  Be a person who gave back, and left a positive long lasting mark on the industry. As you reflect, did you get on the plane and take the most important ride, which is your ride (not hanging on to someone else’s story).  And when you arrived at your destination, did you leave a ticket for someone else to ride too? Fear of flying is real, but only you can decide if your ticket says passenger or spectator.

All my best,

KC Townes


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