It's right in front of you! Part 3 of 3

OK, lets get to the conclusion and the point of this story. There are so many learning points here both subtle; opportunity will only knock on a door that is ready to be open, when in doubt choose the path of leadership, etc. Then there are the more obvious; strike while the iron is hot, etc. I learned those lessons and another very important lesson I’ll share now. I watched a documentary on the Chicago Bulls of the 90’s. Their coach Phil Jackson was talking to Michael Jordan about their inability to win a championship, up to that point. Michael told Phil he was frustrated at the team not winning the ‘big one’ and Phil Jackson told Michael that an important ingredient to winning, is developing the ability to ‘Learn to trust your shooters’.

You see I had no idea that with all the success we were having I wasn’t really growing in this area of understanding and trusting my partner (shooter). Up to that point it was easy; I had the freedom and autonomy to do what I wanted, almost all the prospects were mine. What I failed to realize is that I wasn’t being pushed outside of my comfort zone where I’d be forced to grow or fail! After that incident I began to listen to and eventually trust my partners intellect when it came to our business. It wasn’t until I began to do these critical things that our business exploded and went to the next level and beyond. My partner and I came into the industry for the freedoms and along the way we wanted to grow as a business and individuals. I thought because I was having success-attracting people to the business I had mastered the challenge of effective prospecting. It really wasn’t until I was able to be an asset to others that I began to perfect, and then master the ability to prospect effectively!

Oh yeah that incredible prospect, you guessed it. One evening after attending a business presentation my partner shared a question with me. She asked me if I remembered the PTA Businessman she told me about? I said of course I do. She said he was at the meeting tonight. Now before she said anything else I started getting excited, you see she told me she was expecting a guest and of course I assumed it was him. Well after telling me he was with someone else I was floored I asked how did that happen? She reminded me that she asked for my help, and I gave advice and as a result we didn’t get our man. Someone else (who just happened to be our business partner in a sideline organization) shared the business model with him. Yep, you know the rest of the story he got in the very same business and organization we were in. You talk about sinking back to reality, that’s what we both did.

My Partner and I still have a friendly relationship with the gentleman in this story he continues to have a successful, prosperous business and a very large organization.  I don’t waste time wondering what could have been, I don’t want to waste energy on what if’s. There are too many people out here for you and I to help have success. First you like I have to learn to trust our shooters so we can win our freedom championships!

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