Power of a Mentor Part I

So, I hadn’t been in the industry that long and I was searching for a sponsor. I’m not talking about any sponsor, I needed a real mentor to show, guide and teach me what I needed to do to energize my business, and build my belief. And then I found you. That was my story and if you stay around the industry long enough, you will have a story like the one I just shared.  Some of you reading this can relate.  You were searching for some of the same things in a mentor at some time in your Networking career.  Staying around and having longevity in our industry means you will probably be a mentor, role model or teacher to someone who is needing key guidance to inject that ingredient they’re missing in their business and maybe even in themselves. Thinking about that now, I’ll ask you what a sponsor of mine asked me years ago. She said KC, what are two or three things that will separate you from the distributors who achieve ordinary?  What is your special ingredient that will keep you on point and focused?  She also asked me; what do I represent, what comes out of me that gives people a feeling they can trust me with their dreams and goals?  

Honestly, I wasn’t prepared for all of that.  I just wanted the answers to my questions, so I could make more money.  That’s all I wanted, and I really didn’t think my asking her for help was that big of a deal. But it is, and today is all about the stages of development that grow your leadership, mentorship and teacher development.  When you have success it can be because of the power of attraction others around you have, the timing of your involvement or several other things that can lead to a success story being created.  But, when you develop your leadership / teacher skill set correctly, you have an understanding of how you achieved your success.  Just as important, you now know how to share what you’ve learned with someone who is counting on your expertise to guide them! Some of you may be asking; how can I have success and not know how it was achieved? Fair question, have you ever been successful at doing something, and you’re not sure how you did what you did? Everything turns out great, and you act like everything was supposed to turn out this way. The reality is you have no clue why things are good (of course you are happy regardless), but everybody around you started patting you on the back and talking about how incredible you and what you achieved are.  You smile, shake your head and say yeah, I'm going to do it again. Inside you have no idea what to do again, where to start or where ‘Do it again’ even begins.

So today's purpose is to share with you that in the beginning, most of us don't really have a clue what the key things are we did to create success. We don’t realize that what's happening is the result of everything that's been poured into us consistently and continually over time, now coming to maturity.  So, remember that success is a journey not a destination.

There are three parts to your success trip. First is the ‘Introduction’.  This happens when you get started (launch) and begin to learn and embrace everything that’s happening as your developing and growing.  You begin to feel uncomfortably comfortable (growth is about accepting the challenges of change, and that is often uncomfortable) and decided you will stick and stay. Now this ‘Stay’ thing is huge, maybe more important than ‘Starting’. 

First, understand starting and staying are not the same. Starting means you had the courage to begin. The courage to separate yourself from the pack of the ordinary.  Entrepreneurship is..... stay tuned for Part II

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