Power of a Mentor Part II

First, understand starting and staying are not the same. Starting means you had the courage to begin. The courage to separate yourself from the pack of the ordinary.  Entrepreneurship is a privilege because it means you’re able to visualize things that most of the people you know will never understand, about economics and freedom. Staying means you know you’re a bit different in your approach to success than most of the folks you know who want to play it safe. Staying means you decided differences in you and the people you know and care about are OK and acceptable. In the beginning when you decide to stay, it’s almost always because of the phenomena called sharing.  Someone gave you insight into how to become successful. You’ve decided to do the same thing for others.  This is sharing.  Staying means that despite whatever feedback you receive, you’re locked in, even when it's not easy. The staying is about your dedication to finishing the success journey.

The middle stage is when your business is no longer shiny and new, no longer kind of cool to talk about. The middle stage is the beginning of where what you have learned up to this point, to build your business, simply becomes what you do. It’s when people you know ask; ‘Are you still doing that thing’?  Your response is along the lines of ‘Yeah, of course’, there is nothing else I would want to be doing, and on and on. It's a special focus and strength to understand the repetition of your activities, both what you do and what you share, are the keys to your development. To you the repetition isn’t boring, it’s the stuff of champions.  You are finding out that there is brilliance in simplicity. You now understand keeping things simple, and majoring in the important activities are subtle keys to your success. Your behavior becomes something we don't like to say in this industry, ‘Second nature’. The flip side of that is the outcomes are beginning to become predictable and productive. Your challenges are a bit different in this stage. Self-motivation has now become huge and you’ve got to motivate yourself to get up, to get out and get after it. When your business was shiny, new and exciting you didn't have to motivate yourself to share your business with others. But excitement can only attract others for a short period of time.  It’s now the activity part of your story, and you are going to need to plan your work and work your plan.  Real effort is required here to create a different type of excitement.  The excitement now is all about the success your beginning to achieve and that means you’re excited because your belief level and income are going up and continuing to climb!

The final stage is when you have a full understanding of what it takes to arrive on ‘Success Circle’.  You are a leader, a charter member of the networking family.  I want to stress here to be a leader in the networking industry, doesn't necessarily mean you hit the top position. It means you're actively assisting in leading your company’s national expansion, because you're consistently productive and growing. As a result, anyone reading this today regardless of your position, who is consistently active in exposing prospects to their company’s service, products or business model (and hopefully having fun/enjoying themselves while doing the activities) is a key contributor and considered successful. Remember in our industry, having fun is just as important as creating revenue. The fun part keeps you focused, motivated and willing to come back from a big disappointing ‘No’, because you're more excited and focused on the ‘Yes’ responses, than the disappointments you encounter along the way. Let me get back on track it doesn't require being at the company’s top position, you're working towards it and just as important you're producing and helping others be productive. So, this stage is when your name means something to your organization and company. This stage is when your checks are consistent and attract attention.

For your check to attract attention, it’s all about the people you decide to show your check to. If someone needs an extra $500 a month to be free, and you’re consistently earning about $650 every month then your check is exciting to them.  They don’t need to see $5,000 a month because $500 is what their freedom cost, and you’re showing them it is possible!  You’ll see the coolest people in your household get excited about your business because freedom means they get more of you. This last stage is sometimes simply about creating more available time.  Think about this if you have ever worked a second job. You go to a place away from the people you care for, an additional 20 hours a week. You already work your full-time job 40 hours, now think about the leverage that $500 earned from home will provide for you and the people who are in your life who want more of you. So, the excitement created by an extra $500, $5,000 or $50,000 monthly, is subjective to what you need and what you believe is possible.

Therefore to achieve this third stage of development, what is required is not measured by a dollar amount, but by the results of consistent behavior that has impacted and changed someone’s life and turned it into lifestyle.  These three stages of development are critical to being a networking professional. A professional who is a leader which brings me back to my initial statement about looking for a mentor / role model or teacher. You're looking for someone who is credible and can share with you, what you will need to do to become successful. You're looking for someone that has done what you're trying to do. Which again doesn't mean your mentor must be at the top position in the company, at least not in the beginning. I want to say here that it is always ideal if your success coach has achieved the top levels of success.  As an industry leader, they can first mentor you throughout your entire career, which is consistency. They will continue to challenge you to go to the next level as you grow your business. Next the degree of knowledge and information they have is priceless, as a result many distributors are trying to get the top leaders time.  Finally, the degree of insight they have is invaluable.  They can see things coming on both sides of the isle, before the average person in the organization realizes what’s going on. This level of success they are living can’t be faked and the experiences are an asset to anyone who is fortunate enough to earn their time and leadership.

Going through the experiences of each level of growth you will be able to understand what are the things separate you from the distributors who achieve ‘Ordinary’. Other people will begin to identify what ‘Special ingredient’, talent or ability you possess that keeps you on point and focused. And after being asked to help others succeed it will be obvious what is in you that gives people a feeling you can be trusted with their dreams and goals. Remember your mentors can change as you grow in our industry.  When you first get started it's important to find someone that's experienced the three levels of development, or has the experience to show you how to achieve what you’re working for, whether it's an extra $500 or $5,000 week or even $500,000 a year!  It's been a pleasure sharing today and I urge you to find your freedom and mentor.   All my best.

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