Trials of the Traditional Mindset, Pt 1

The Trials of Traditional Mindset (Part 1)


Every year Americans spend about 3.5 Trillion dollars on healthcare. The words Health Care are powerful, defined they mean; ‘The maintenance and improvement of physical and mental health’. So, when we say the words ‘HealthCare’, a message of hope and healing is transmitted across the land. Today many Americans believe the key to improving their health is found in a bottle of prescribed medications and/or traditional methods of care.


What we often find is what is prescribed for us, doesn’t cure our concerns and ailments, while costing us in copayments, monthly payments and annual payments. It’s been stated many times the money in the medical industry is in treatment, not curing a patients concerns. As a society we’ve been taught that medical professionals are trusted because of the education required to achieve the titles and letters, that go before and after their name. This caste system of acceptance and recognition is firmly rooted in today's society. 


Today our wellness (physical & mental) is affected by not just what we put in our bodies, but also by today's global ecological situation/crisis. What are the affordable alternatives for a healthier you and me? A healthy mindset, a positive outlook and surrounding ourselves with positive people who improve our feelings and perceptions about living a life of abundance. These are viable alternatives to traditional medical answers. All these are steps to anyone feeling better, which ultimately leads to getting better.


If feeling better is the key to getting better, then favorable, supportive, enthusiastic people, can have a positive impact on our health. The logical question is where can we find people like this today? What types of people have these characteristics? One group of positive people who lift your spirit, and motivate others to success is small business owners and networkers! Yes, these are people with an entrepreneurial outlook on how they live life! These are people who seek ways to solve issues and concerns that don’t always follow tradition, their mindset and outlook travels on the tracks of possibility! What does all that mean and just as important, where can you find folks like these?


First the meaning; traditional thinkers tend to ‘Follow’ accepted norms as a guide to your health and life success. Whether it be physical; start working out and you’ll feel better (without any guidance or education on how to do it correctly), an apple a day.., take an aspirin for a headache.. Or mental; get a prescription and take the time tested medications to overcome mental challenges, which are often derived from some of the traditional medical customs and practices), The outcomes of some of this traditional thinking when it comes to your health in recent years has been ineffective and is now being questioned. An example of this is the same vaccines that are administered too (allegedly) prevent diseases and health issues, are now thought to possibly create other symptoms of bad heath, ie: the possibility of vaccines causing autism and other symptoms.


Even though the realization that traditional methods are not always effective, many are still practiced today because of medical professionals inability (or lack of wanting) to think about new ideas for success. Some medical strategies and plans are practiced simply because ‘That’s the way it’s done’ or ‘Because we’ve always done it this way’ or ‘All of us in this family go to this facility, and we all see this medical practitioner'. Traditional medical problem solving says; duplicate what’s been done before, follow someone who came before you and don’t question what we’ve always done in the past. This way of approaching medicine and life isn’t the entrepreneurial mindset.


Entrepreneurs have leading edge mindset. When faced with a challenge, entrepreneurs often start the thought process by having an internal mental conversation. Something that goes like this; This has happened, I wonder if I do something new, if things will get better? Entrepreneur mindset doesn’t wonder what everyone else is doing to get healthy. Entrepreneurs will question guidance if they think there may be a better way. An alternative route to arrive at feeling better. This mindset carries over, into almost everything the Entrepreneur encounters, from feeling better and being healthy, to counterbalancing the environmental challenges of today.


Keep your eyes open for part II


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