Trials of the Traditional Mindset, Pt 2

The Entrepreneurial Approach to Success


I want to begin by asking you an interesting question. Are you someone who will challenge ‘Traditional’ thinking in the pursuit of what will make your health and life better? In other words are you the person that has the strength to step out from the norm? When it comes time to make a decision are you a crowd pleaser, or do you create your own crowd? Entrepreneurs are leaders because they don't yearn for the middle of the pack, or gravitate to being one of the many.


So as you set out on your journey of creating your opportunities in health, business or in life it's important to take note that the elephant gets eaten one bite at a time. Progressive thinkers know every step in their development, even the baby steps matter. It's no different than taking a drive across country, your eyes are on the destination which is thousands of miles away, but every mile along the way counts towards your progress. Entrepreneurial thinking is complete process thinking. It means we don't discount the first mile of the journey because without it, we can't get to the end. So the baby steps count too.


Let's go back and talk about why entrepreneurial thinking impacts your health. This is where we begin, discussing healthy mindset. When you surround yourself with people who think act and talk positive you begin to feel better about whatever project you’re working on, which intern helps you feel physically better. You begin to do what they do, seeing the benefits of a more well rounded lifestyle in them. So now you’re working out, reading (more) books, traveling and meeting people who stimulate your thinking. Those philosophical and physical changes begin having a positive impact on you! You now (mentally) confirm in order to feel healthy and better, you need to do things like surround yourself with positive minded people who *raise you lid. 


You evolve into someone whose ‘Can-do’ life outlook, has a healthy impact on you, and now the people who hang out with you! Your growth allows you to contribute to the health of others, and you begin to attract more of what you have become. This turns your life into a ‘Lifestyle’ which in turn keeps you physically and mentally healthy, and helps others around you become healthier. 


I want to share the story of a young lady I know who is an entrepreneur in every sense of the word. Her positive attitude has helped her endure as a single Mom, a cancer survivor, business woman and community activist. Her ability to look at life outside the box, has created a healthier environment in her community and her state.


**Ms. Tamika Quinn is the architect of the ‘Sodium Bill’. The passing of this bill has created a legacy of healthy outcomes for the people of Pennsylvania. Imagine being surrounded by someone like Tamika Quinn, whose entrepreneurial mindset had a positive outcome on the health of an entire state! Her entrepreneurial positive spirit is making the world a better and healthier place! I actually met Ms Quinn over a decade ago, early in her small business career. Even though she was achieving success in the Network/Relationship Marketing field, she consistently kept her self in student mode. Always eager to learn and open and receptive to the advice of established leaders. Her healthy attitude and can do spirit is now benefiting the health of thousands of people impacted by her drive for healthy outcomes!


As I conclude this segment I want to share the exciting news about Entrepreneurial mindset and your health. You have a conscious impact on  both! It’s as simple as deciding you want to live a healthier life, and begin by giving yourself permission to ***W.I.N. The key is your ability to decide. Make the decision to be progressive in your thoughts and actions which will lead to better mental and physical health for yourself and others. Be that breathe of fresh air, our universe needs now! 


All my best



  • The Law of the Lid by Dr John C. Maxwell: Leadership ability is the lid that determines a person’s level of effectiveness.


** Ms. Tamika Quinn Testimony to the Committee on Public Health and Human Services 5-7-2018 /                    (50:55 mark of video) 


***W.I.N. an acronym for ‘What’s Important Now’


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