Industry Leaders

None of the Networking professionals or CEOs of Global Corporations we feature as speakers achieved success by chance. The Giants we feature are built to last and all started with fixing their mindsets. 

Wins -vs- Losses

There is value in failing when the lessons are learned and become a store of wisdom. Our Giants are not  immune from losses or failures. They share unapologetically how it was vital to their long term success!

Success Strategy 

Marketers talking marketing, crypto investors talk crypto, biz owners biz, actors talk acting, real estate moguls talk real estate, and so on. Well, we discuss it all and how to achieve success at the highest levels with balance.  

Monthly Interactive Livecasts 

One Wednesday Night per month is more explosive & game changing than others! It is the Night with Giants Event. 

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This is not for everyone. Yes, everyone has potential, however few willing to take the action required to rise above the trivial many. If that is you, then experience what it means to be among giants. 

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