It's right in front of you! Part 2

You know when you’re building your legend in our industry it’s important not to make the same mistakes over and over. I remember eary in my career a situation where someone asked me to talk to their prospect because they felt that I would relate to them better. I spoke to my mentor at that time and asked him for his opinion and he told me that he really didn’t think it was a great idea. He told me that the best distributors make mistakes going forward. My mentor used terms like ‘No Guts, No Glory’, and ‘You can’t carry someone else across the finish line’. So I believed it’s better not to speak to a Prospect ‘For’ someone else.

What I didn’t realize was my partner wasn’t asking me to speak for her she simply wanted my advice on what I would say if I was speaking to the prospect.  Because I didn’t listen and I was practicing that fine lost art of ‘Assuming’ I began giving her advice; first that she didn’t ask for. My advice also didn’t address her questions or concerns (always remember the finest of all the arts in this industry is still listening). Remember in the beginning I shared that this story is one I would be talking about for years to come.  What happened taught us both a lesson we would never forget, and one we’d teach others over the next years.

Let me tell you a little bit about her prospect. They served on the ‘PTA’ together and had formed a respect and bond. He was an open minded, hungry, small business owner who was outgoing and personable (don’t say it, I know). She actually told him she wanted to share some information with him about a business she was involved in, and he said OK. Now we’re back to the beginning because this is where she originally came to me to discuss her prospect. You may have already guessed how this story turned out or maybe not….. Stay tuned for Part 3

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