‘Recognizing the rough’

Have you ever felt like you were destined to accomplish something, and when you started to move in the direction of your goal you then began to doubt yourself. You let self doubt creep in to your creative thought process. Questions like; Why did I think I could do this? Who am I trying to fool? I’m not sure what to do? And, ‘I’m going to need some help. If you were hitting a golf ball experts in that field would tell you, you’re in ‘The rough’. The high grass is the place where you have difficulty finding your (self) ball. When you do you have to figure out how to advance accurately towards your desired destination.

Successful Networkers and small business owners can end up in the rough on their way to finding the cup on the fairway. The cup is the destination (the hole the ball goes in to finish the game or the hole your playing so you can advance to the next challenge/task) you were aiming at. In golf the question is; What club do I use to get out of the rough. You see different situations call for different clubs and different skill sets. If you’re hitting up hill against the wind, you will use a club that can deliver some power and accuracy to get the job done. If you’re near the hole you may need a club that gives you the proper lift, to gently drop the ball on the green.

Business is a lot like golf, the decisions you make along the way to completing your task, depends on the conditions you’re presented with at any given time. There are times you’ll need power and other times finesse. The point of today's message is there is no cookie cutter answer to solving every challenge. One of the keys to networking and business success, is your willingness to personally develop along your way. You want to pick your mentors and teachers with the same scrutiny and sincerity as the decision you make on what to feed the people you care about.

If you haven’t reached the type of success you always believed was out there for you, much of that has to do with who you are today. There’s an old saying in business that ‘Who you are, is where you were when’. What that means is the person your are today is part of your story as you achieve success. The success you’re having now (or not) is a result of the books you’ve read, the classes you attended the people who’ve poured into you. You are the sum total of your life’s experiences. If you discover you’re in the rough when it comes to whatever is your current endeavor, then go get another club and change the angle of your approach. Your willingness to do just this, will help you see the green (finish line) from a whole new perspective!


That new club you pulled out of your bag could be a video training, a conference, a sincere talk with your mentor(s) or significant other. You see the trials and the hurdles you may be facing aren’t permanent. Nor is success guaranteed to last forever. Great times and challenges are a art of your journey, which is your story. It’s the approach you choose that can have a permanent impact on the success of your business. As the architect of your dreams and desires don’t be afraid to reach into your business bag and choose a different club. Remember to do more of what works for you, while keeping your eyes and ears open to changes updates and innovations that are natural to the game of golf and business as you continue to avoid the rough.

 All my best


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