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Meet KC Townes

Mr. Townes started in the industry of time and income freedom back in 1987. He's been fortunate to learn directly from some of the most progressive and successful minds in the industry which helped him evolve into a mentor, speaker, businessman, and executive and business coach.

He went from borrowing the money to start a ‘Networking’ business as a Distributor, to becoming a multi-millionaire in this incredible industry. More rewarding to him was being able to reach back and help others earn six and seven figure incomes. His financial success has been a product of hard work, determined efforts, timing, and duplicating the efforts of mentors and coaches who had what he desired and were willing to share... once he decided to humble himself and become a student.

It doesn’t matter what level of success you’ve had in life or what business experiences you have encountered, he likely has training resources, and tools that can assist you in achieving the financial and personal success you desire. He teaches to always remember that success is a choice and as long as you don’t give someone else the power to make the decision for you, YOU and only you control your future outcomes.

So what would you like help with?

  • Assist in unlocking your success potential with sound business development strategies
  • Assist you in the decision making process to get started in the right business model for you
  • Leverage the knowledge and experience of top trainers and business developers you’ll see right here on this site. You can learn, benefit, and then model success for others!

There are parts of our journey together where he’ll invite other Business and Networking Pros to share information, strategies, and their insightful perspective. Decide now to take the ongoing path of growth, and become a part of the next generation of industry ‘Legends’.

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Programs by KC Townes

High Level Training

Ready, Set, Network! is designed with the leader in mind. The one who is building a business and desires exponential growth and duplication. This helps the beginner and those on the path to mastery, succeed!


Simple Yet Strategic

Quick Hitter Cabinet is designed for those who want that extra umpfh to get them through the day! The one idea or motivational pushthat helps you breakthrough is what you'll find waiting for you in the Millionaire Cabinet.


Jewels and Gems

One of the joys of being a leader in this Industry is the opportunity to give away information that has value. Click here to get over 48 hours of videos and information that is yours to keep at NO COST.


My FREE Gift to YOU

I recorded a 3-Part Video Training for Networking Leaders and want to grant you FREE access as you continue your journey to success!